Who I am

Megan Nicole


Megan Windhorst also known as Coach Megan Nicole is the owner and CEO of Megan Nicole Coaching LLC. Megan is an intuition coach helping people master their own intuition so that they can follow their soul’s calling confidently.

Megan is a former school counselor and elementary teacher turned full time online entrepreneur. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, certified mindfulness practitioner, soon to be breathwork facilitator, and an Intuitive who does readings for people using her clairvoyance and her own intuition.

Megan is the founder of The Intuition Mission – a group coaching program on intuition development which was created after multiple clients began asking Megan how she developed her own intuition and spiritual gifts. The 12 week program is a culmination of everything Megan has learned about intuition and spiritual development in the past 10 years.

As a natural born and meant to be teacher, Megan left the education world to follow her purpose and teach people in her own way through intuition development so that people could learn how to truly trust themselves again in order to live their purpose. 


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About Intuition Coaching

What is Intuition Coaching?

As an intuition coach, I help you break through your own barriers and learn to trust yourself, listen to your own guidance and wisdom within, become more confident, cultivate more self love, and help guide you toward your purpose in life. We do this through a mix of intuitive readings where I use my clairvoyant abilities to access higher energies from spirit and the angelic realm as well as teaching you and assisting you with shifting your mindset and lifestyle habits.


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